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Interview of Christophe Pélissié du Rausas in Infrastructures et Mobilité

1 May 2016

Interview of Christophe Pélissié du Rausas, President of AGIFI, on the contribution of private actors to the modernization of the national railway network

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Two new infrastructures managers in France!

2 July 2017

On July 2nd, 550 km of High Speed Rail lines, designed, financed, built and maintained by private actors, were launched. ERE (HSR Le Mans-Rennes) and LISEA (HSR Tours-Bordeaux) are now official infrastructures managers. The launch the same year of these two lines, enabled through Public-Private Partnerships, marks a milestone in the history of the French railroad network. In 2017, a quarter of the French HSR network will be maintained by private actors!

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