Technical and economic performance

One of the biggest contributions of these Public-Private Partnerships is the ability to control costs and meet deadlines during the construction of large-scale infrastructure projects.

The Public-Private Partnership model has provided the French rail sector with an unprecedented boost. In 2017, in the span of just a few months, three new lines went into operation on-time and on-budget.

Because of its long-term commitment to the project (up to 50 years), the private partner that manages the infrastructure can plan out the required maintenance operations starting in the design phase, optimising costs and providing a certain level of sustainability. This long-term vision ensures effective management of public funding.

Private managers are also subject to strict and detailed monitoring of their performance, which is directly linked to their earnings. As part of the agreements they sign, private partners are encouraged to meet all the performance commitments included in the agreement.

Public-Private Partnership:
optimisation of all project phases