The project companies


LISEA is the concession holder for the Sud Europe Atlantique Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line (SEA HSL). As part of the concession contract with SNCF Réseau signed in June 2011, LISEA is responsible for financing, designing, building, maintaining, and operating the new HSL until 2061 (50 years).

Logo de Mesea


MESEA is the company responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Sud Europe Atlantique high-speed line until 2061, when the concession contract ends. MESEA ensures the safety of the network and guarantees its performance on a total of 340 kilometres of high-speed line.

Logo d'Eiffage

Eiffage Rail Express (ERE)

Eiffage Rail Express (ERE), a subsidiary of Eiffage group, signed a partnership agreement with SNCF Réseau to finance, design, build, and maintain the new Bretagne-Pays de la Loire high-speed line (BPL HSL) until 2036.

Logo de Ferlioz


Ferlioz, also a subsidiary of the Eiffage group, is the company responsible for the maintenance of the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire high-speed line. It ensures its operation and a high level of safety by monitoring all of the line’s infrastructure.


In June 2012, Oc’Via signed a Public-Private Partnership agreement with SNCF Réseau for the Nîmes and Montpellier railway bypass (CNM). Oc’Via is responsible for financing, designing, building, and maintaining this new railway line until 2037.

Oc’Via Maintenance

Oc’Via Maintenance is the company responsible for the maintenance, monitoring and renewal of the installations of the Nîmes and Montpellier rail bypass (CNM); the first high-speed line operated in France with passenger and freight traffic.

Logo de Synérail


SYNERAIL was awarded the partnership agreement to install GSM-R technology, which went into effect in early 2017. Under the terms of the partnership agreement signed in February 2010, SYNERAIL is responsible for designing, building, operating, maintaining, and financing the deployment of GSM-R on 16,000 kilometres of the French rail network until 2025.